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Visitor (Subclass 600) visa checklist

The Visitor visa is a temporary visa that allows holders to visit Australia as a tourist, undertake business visitor activities, or to see family and friends. This visa does not have work rights, and importantly, requires applicants to demonstrate that they have a genuine intention to remain in Australia temporarily. What are the various streams of a Visitor visa application?…
Mihan Hannan
20 September, 2023

What are the different Australian tourist visas?

There are several tourist visas to Australia, the most appropriate of which will depend on your passport citizenship, and personal circumstances. They are the: Visitor (subclass 600) (Visitor) visa; eVisitor (subclass 651) (eVisitor) visa; or Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) (ETA). The relevant questions for you as the applicant are: Which of these visas am I eligible for? Is this…
Jordan Tew
18 November, 2022
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COVID-19: Visa options for temporary visa holders in Australia with upcoming expiry dates

On 4 April 2020 the Australian government announced a number of updates for temporary visa holders. You can read a summary of these updates here. Among other things, the government advised that: “Temporary visa holders who are unable to support themselves over the next six months are strongly encouraged to return home. For these individuals it's time to go home,…
Mihan Hannan
22 April, 2020
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Setting up a business in Australia? What visas do you need for your foreign employees?

Foreign companies looking to establish a business in Australia often require non-Australian employees to travel to Australia to help set up their business and bring specific, proprietary knowledge of the business to Australia. Depending on the purpose with which the employee is coming to Australia and the duration of stay, there are likely to be three main visa options that…
Mihan Hannan
15 September, 2019
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The Hitchhikers immigration guide to remote working in Australia (updated 10 May 2023)

In the words of the sagely Seekers, “the world is a a’Turnin’”. Long distance communication is simpler, cheaper and more accessible than ever before. The home telephone is a’Dyin’ and video conferencing is so vanilla. Truly, Sci-Fi channel style communication through Virtual Reality (VR) is just over the horizon. According to Jeremy Bailenson, founding director of Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab,…
Mihan Hannan
10 April, 2019
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Do you really need a work visa to Australia? Or are you just undertaking “Business Visitor Activities”?

With the complexity of obtaining work authorisation in Australia, many businesses often look to a variety of temporary visas which permit “business visitor activities” (but not work authorisation) to send foreign employees into Australia. These visas are generally simple to prepare and fast to process, and includes the: Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) (ETA); eVisitor (subclass 651) (eVisitor) visa; or…
Mihan Hannan
15 February, 2019