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Want to get access to Australia’s world class education? Study can lead to eventual permanent residence.

Read our general information and document checklists in relation to these visa categories below. Contact us directly for specific advice.

Student Visa


Studying in Australia offers a unique way to experience Australian life, whilst gaining access to Australia’s world-class education system including top-ranking universities, practical vocational colleges and outstanding English language schools to support international students.

If you are looking to stay in Australia for an extended period of time, an Australian Student Visa may also lead to permanent residence.

What can we do for you?

With extensive experience leading the Australian Private Client Practice of the world’s largest immigration law firm, our staff are well placed to assist with all issues relating to Student visas, including: visa applications, pathways to permanent residence, and merits review of unsuccessful cases.

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Student (500) visa

If you intend to undertake study in Australia for more than 3 months, you will usually require a Student visa. Broadly speaking, to obtain a valid Student visa you will need to demonstrate that:

  • you are enrolled in a course of study;
  • you are a genuine and temporary entrant;
  • you have a sufficient level of English;
  • you have adequate levels of health insurance;
  • you will have access to sufficient funds for the duration of their stay in Australia; and
  • you pass relevant health and character criteria.

Student Guardian (Subclass 590)

This visa allows you to stay in Australia as the guardian of an international student younger than 18 years of age studying in Australia on a student visa. This visa will allow the holder to study up to 3 months or study ELICOS for 20 hours per week for duration of visa. Broadly speaking, to obtain this visa will require that you demonstrate that:

  • you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant;
  • you have sufficient funds for airfares and living costs.
  • you meet health and character requirements.
  • you have acceptable health insurance; and
  • you will not not bring family members younger than 6 years of age, except under certain circumstances.

Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485)

This visa allows eligible international students who have completed an Australian education to stay in Australia to gain work experience. This visa does not restrict the type of work you may do or the number of hours you may work. To apply for this visa, you will usually need to demonstrate:

  • that you are in Australia and that you hold an eligible student visa in the last 6 months;
  • you are under the age of 50;
  • you must meet Australian study, English proficiency, health insurance, health and character requirements.
  • you must meet the specific requirements of the stream in which you are applying for this visa.
  • meet the Australian study requirement
  • meet the English language requirement
  • have recently graduated with either an eligible qualification or with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the list of eligible skilled occupations.

Training visa (Subclass 407)

The Training (Subclass 407) visa allows applicants to:

  • take part in workplace-based training to enhance their skills in their current occupation, area of tertiary study, field of expertise; or
  • participate in a professional development training programme in Australia.

Generally speaking, to obtain this visa an applicant will need to demonstrate that they:

  • are either:
    • sponsored (by an approved sponsor of a relevant class) to participate in workplace-based occupational training activities or classroom-based professional development activities
    • identified in an approved nomination by an Australian organisation (other than a Commonwealth agency)
    •  invited (if the sponsor is a Commonwealth agency)
  • have functional English language skills, to do the training and meet occupational health and safety standards
  • have a genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia
  • have adequate financial support for yourself and accompanying family members while in Australia
  • have adequate arrangements for health insurance while in Australia
  • meet health and character requirements
  • are at least 18 years of age (except in limited circumstances).

What are the pathways to permanent residence?

Once you have obtained an Australian qualification, you may be able to use this to gain points for a general skilled migration visa application, or apply for an employer sponsored visa should you find a company willing to sponsor you. Speak to us early to determine your pathways to permanent residence.

Consultation & Assessment

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We offer a simple step by step process to prepare and lodge your application. Following our initial consultation you will have a complete advice setting out a tailored fee schedule, procedure, and timeline.

We have strict service deliverables between each stage to ensure that you can have complete control over your schedule.

Speak to our team directly to determine the timeline for an individual in your circumstances.

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