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Work and business related visa options for Vietnam

Depending on the activities, a foreign worker may require a Business Visa or work permit.

Vietnam Visa

Immigration law in Vietnam obliges foreigners staying or working in Vietnam to obtain several permits to comply with local regulations. With an established local network in Vietnam, Hannan Tew are well placed to assist companies manage their Vietnamese mobility requirements. For further information, click the FAQs button on the top right.

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Target Market
  • Established businesses in Vietnam
  • Established business overseas seeking to enter Vietnam
  • Employees with job offers from companies in Vietnam
  • Business visa
  • Work permit
  • Temporary Residence Card (TRC)
Our services
  • Issue Visa Approval Letter
  • Obtain a local representative to provide sponsorship and invitation letters
  • Assist with visa renewal and extension
  • Advising on how to obtain work permits and business visas

Business Visa

A business visa in Vietnam, categorized as a DN business visa, is granted to foreigners who present an invitation letter from a business partner based in Vietnam. The sponsor must sign and stamp an application dossier prior to foreigner’s arrival in the country.

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  • a Vietnamese based company must act as sponsor
  • visa is valid for one, three or six months and can be extended before expiry
  • foreign nationals can apply for both multiple and single-entry business visas depending on their preferences
  • foreign nationals can apply for both multiple and single-entry business visas depending on their preferences
  • the application process usually takes 48 hours

Work Permit

A work permit enables foreign workers in Vietnam to be employed and conduct business activities that result in a profit.

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Skill requirements
  • Higher education qualifications
  • Related working experience
  • Expertise in the chosen field of employment
Other requirements
  • health check certification, criminal record and other documents must be provided to the Department of Labour
  • A work permit is issued for 12 months and can be renewed once
  • The length of the application process is estimated to take 15 working days

Temporary Residence Card (TRC)

Holders of a valid work permit in Vietnam, members of the Board/Directors of a Joint-Stock Company, founders of companies in Vietnam, professionals, students and trainees via national working or studying programs are eligible candidates for a temporary residence card.

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  • The main purpose of the card is to prove an identity and serve as an entry visa when travelling to Vietnam
  • Foreigners staying in Vietnam should apply for a TRC immediately after arrival to the country, and the processing takes from 5 to 7 days





Pathways to PR




Work authorisation

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Relatively fast application process that provides company sponsored work authorization in Vietnam

If an applicant meets the eligibility requirements, there is a clear path to work authorisation in Vietnam. For more information, click the FAQs button on the top right.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work on a Business Visa in Vietnam?

No, a Business Visa permits you to undertake business activities. In Vietnam, there are also several kinds of visas that might be used for business purposes, and their requirements, validity and conditions differ.

Is it easy to obtain a business visa or working permit?

This depends on several factors such as your country of origin, previous working experience, a position you apply for etc. However, the process will be smoother with the assistance of a professional visa partner with a network in Vietnam.

Who can be a visa sponsor?

This depends on the kind of visa you apply for. Business visas and work permits should be sponsored by the employer while agencies can sponsor an Invitation Letter for a tourist visa.

Can my application be expedited?

There are no lawful options for expedited processing.


The information contained here is offered for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or give rise to an attorney-client relationship between you and our firm. The information: (i) must be regarded as a practical guide for general information and not a process guide for determining the specific immigration requirements of the countries covered, (ii) should not be a substitute for a more indepth analysis of applicable facts and circumstances conducted by competent professionals, and (iii) does not represent an opinion from Hannan Tew or any of its agents with regard to the laws of any of the jurisdictions concerned. The information does not guarantee the outcome or approval of any particular immigration application.

What can we do for you?

With extensive experience representing the world’s largest corporations, SMEs, and start ups, our staff are well placed to assist with all issues in relation to work authorisation applications in Vietnam.

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