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An innovative, full service Australian immigration law firm with an Accredited Specialist.

We specialise in all areas of Australian immigration, so you don't have to.

We provide comprehensive advice regarding all areas of Australian immigration law.

The Australian immigration system allows for a variety of visa options - the first step is to determine which visa category you are eligible for, and is appropriate to your objectives.

Approved businesses may be able to hire foreign workers on temporary visas (and eventual permanent residence).

Spouses and de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand residents may be eligible for one of Australia’s Partner visas.

Streamlined permanent residence for highly skilled, internationally recognised talent in targeted sectors.

We build partnerships with fantastic clients who benefit from our impressive experience.

We assist some of the brightest names in their industries, and work hard behind the scenes so that they can focus on what they do best.

The service

We’re a high performance, multilingual team with a passion for providing innovative immigration solutions. We work with businesses and people to create a truly interconnected world.

The visa is only the end product of the immigration process. An effective immigration lawyer will also make you feel safe, heard, and understood throughout the journey.

We love immigration.

That’s why we’ve created a boutique Australian immigration law firm committed to providing simple solutions to a complex immigration system. Our team of experienced lawyers have expertise across the spectrum of latest developments in immigration law, and we leverage technology and data analytics to provide efficient and effective services. Utilising our technology stack, we gain valuable insights into trends and patterns in immigration applications, which we use to develop optimal strategies for our clients.

More importantly, we’re humans. We understand that navigating the Australian immigration system can be a stressful process, which is why we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of support and guidance throughout their immigration journey. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and objectives, and we work closely with you to develop tailored immigration strategies that meet your specific needs.

Oh, and we also deliver results (see below).


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Frequently asked questions

What type of Australian immigration law services do you offer?

Our immigration lawyers advise individuals and businesses of all sizes (from SMEs and startups to multinational corporations) on every major aspect of Australian immigration law. A brief overview of some of the key areas where our immigration lawyers have helped many clients is featured below:

Visit our Australian Immigration Services page for a comprehensive list of services, contact us directly to obtain genearl information, or book a consultation to have an indepth session with one of our lawyers.

Why do I need an immigration lawyer?

The short answer is that you may not require an immigration lawyer depending on your personal situation and circumstances.

However, immigration law, like most areas of the Australian legal system, can be complex and difficult to navigate, comprehend and analyse for most non-trained or experienced individuals. A reputable immigration lawyer should be able to quickly identify your issues and provide you with clear advice with regard to your prospects. An immigration lawyer is also able to assist with appeals to the the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) and the High Court of Australia (HCA), something that migration agents may not be able to assist with.

Like any legal matter, we suggest that it is best to have an experienced, qualified professional by your side to guide you through the process and ensure you have the best chance for success. To put this in perspective, most Australian visas have significant lodgement fees (sometimes 10’s of thousands of dollars for family applications) and refusal can impact your capacity to apply for further visas in Australia (see s 48). Given the high cost and risk, it may be more cost effective to initially pay for the advice of a lawyer to walk you through the process and avoid adverse ramifications later down the track. Though the pricing can be complicated, we try to simplify as much as possible with a fixed fee model. You can also review our cost calculator for the most common visa types.

Our team of immigration lawyers have years of experience, including a Partner accredited by Law Institute Victoria as an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law (less than fifty lawyers in Victoria have this accreditation). We work closely with you throughout your matter, offering honest, accurate, and complete legal advice and exceptional service to provide you with the best chance of success with your visa application.

When should I be in contact with an immigration lawyer?

Ideally, we advise our clients to contact us or book an initial consultation prior to commencing the visa application process. That way, we can help you navigate through the tedious visa subclasses and associated application process to identify which visa is suitable for you and your circumstances. When engaged at the start of the application process, we can advise you on your likelihood of success, the potential costs involved, and provide you with an overview process and how long it may take. As some visa applications have significant government fees, a refusal due to an incomplete or defective application (which an immigration lawyer can help identify, advise on, and rectify prior to submission) may be a costly exercise without the right advice.

Notwithstanding the above, and regardless of the stage of your visa application, we are happy to assist. Our expertise as specialist immigration lawyers with years of experience will provide you with the confidence that your visa application has the best chance for success from the start by guiding you every step of the way.

What approach to immigration law does Hannan Tew take differently?

We are a full-service NewLaw immigration law firm, committed to providing top-tier legal services and expert advice on every immigration law matter we undertake.

With our foremost focus on exceptional service for every client we work with, on every matter we work on, our unique position in the market as experienced immigration lawyers in Melbourne makes us a preferred choice for Australian immigration law services for individuals and businesses, alike.

Our agile, modern approach to legal services intertwined with our many years of experience as immigration lawyers allows us to deliver professional, holistic, immigration advice and guidance for every matter we undertake. We focus solely on immigration law and visa applications – nothing else – ensuring we have the knowledge and experience to excel as specialists within the immigration law field and to understand the finer details of every application (which some generalist lawyers may or may not have). We strive to be thought-leaders within our field, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in immigration law and providing our own thoughts and analyses of the impact of these changes. For further information on new cases and general immigration law updates, visit our regularly-updated blog.

Book a consultation online with our experienced immigration lawyers, or call (03) 9016 0484 to connect with an immigration lawyer in Melbourne to understand how we may assist you with your visa application.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost?

We appreciate the importance of cash flow and understand the value of a price guide before making a decision. Though every matter is different, we carefully analyse our case file data to propose fair and competitive fixed fee agreements before commencing work. Our pricing table shares our estimated starting prices up-front. Contact us directly to get a tailored fixed fee quote, including for matters not listed on our website.

What can I expect during an initial consultation with Hannan Tew?

Our initial consultations are highly recommended, and allow one of our experienced team members to deep dive into your immigration matter. These one hour consultations consist of open ended discussions where an immigration lawyer will ask you relevant questions, collect information, and establish a clear strategy to achieve your immigration outcome. We’ll also be up front when your options are limited. Following the consultation, we’ll provide you with a clear written advice.

How can I prepare for an initial consultation with Hannan Tew?

Our immigration lawyers are experienced at providing advice even with minimal primary documentation. However, to best prepare for the consulatation, you should provide us with your passport bio page, CV, and any correspondence with the Department (or review bodies as relevant). It’s also helpful for you to have a clear timeline of your immigration history, and to have some idea of what your end goal is. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything, our lawyers are great humans, and you can feel safe to tell us everything you feel is relevant so we can guide you appropriately.

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