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Parents of Australian permanent residents or citizens may be sponsored to live in Australia on temporary and / or permanent visas.

Read our general information and document checklists in relation to these visa categories below. Contact us directly for specific advice.

Australia’s Parent visas are temporary and permanent visas which allow parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to obtain visas in Australia. In addition to these existing visas, on Friday 5 May 2017, the Government announced the introduction of the new temporary sponsored parent visa for parents of Australians during the 2017–18 Migration Programme year. The new visa will allow Australians to sponsor their parents to stay in Australia for up to five years at a time and is open from 17 April 2019.

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With extensive experience leading the Australian Private Client Practice of the world’s largest immigration law firm, our staff are well placed to assist with all issues relating to Parent visas, including: assurance of support, decluttering the number of visa categories, advice about the new temporary visas and review applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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What is the 'balance of family' test?

All applicants for the Partner visas with pathways to permanent residence must meet the balance of family test.

An applicant meets the balance of family test if:

  • at least half of their children live permanently in Australia, or
  • more of their children live permanently in Australia than in any other country.

If you do not meet the balance of family test, you may still be eligible for the new Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 870) visa (see below).

What are the visa types?

Australia’s Partner visas consist of a series of onshore and offshore visas which can lead to temporary and permanent residence:

  • Parent (Subclass 103) visa (offshore);
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa (subclass 173) (offshore);
  • Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143) (onshore or offshore);
  • Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804) (onshore);
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa (subclass 884) (onshore);
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864) (onshore); and
  • Sponsored Parent (temporary) (subclass 870) visa.

What are the standard eligibility requirements?

The standard eligibility requirements for the Parent visas are as follows:

  • meet age requirements (for Aged Parent visas);
  • meet the balance-of-family test (unless applying for the Subclass 870 visa);
  • meet health and character requirements;
  • have an assurance of support; and
  • have a sponsor.

Specific visa categories have individual requirements.

What are the lodgement fees?

Lodgement fees for the various visas can vary substantially. Due to capping restrictions, some visa application charges may also not guarantee a visa. Please contact your Hannan Tew Immigration representative to obtain the most up to date visa application charges.

Capping and queuing

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has the power to limit how many people can get a certain type of visa each year. This limiting of visa is called capping.

Parent, Aged Parent and Sponsored Parent (temporary) category visas are subject to capping. Contributory Parent category visas are not currently capped.

If you are applying for a visa that has reached the capping limit, you must wait in a queue until more visa places become available. This might be for many years and you will have to continue to meet all visa requirements.

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