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New pathway for New Zealanders to acquire Australian citizenship

The government recently announced the long-awaited pathway through which New Zealanders can more easily acquire Australian citizenship. Starting from 1 July 2023, New Zealand citizens will be eligible to directly apply for Australian citizenship without having to first obtain permanent residency. What is changing? Currently, an applicant for Australian citizenship must be in possession of permanent residency. Upon arrival, New…
Edison Zhang
1 May, 2023

Meeting the Health Requirement for an Australian Visa

Most Australian visa applications require the applicant to meet certain health criteria. If an applicant fails to meet the health criteria, a visa cannot be granted unless a health waiver is available and exercised in favour of grant. This article will take you through: Australia’s health criteria for the grant of a visa; when a health waiver is available; and…
Emily Young
31 March, 2023
HealthHealth Insurance

What level of health insurance do you require for your Australian visa?

Most Australian temporary visa holders are subject to visa conditions requiring them to maintain “adequate” arrangements for health insurance while the holder is in Australia. This includes visas where such conditions are mandatory, such as Student (Subclass 500) visas, Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) visas, and Graduate (Subclass 485) visas amongst others. It also includes certain visas where such conditions…
Jordan Tew
21 October, 2022

Streamlined health requirements for temporary visa applicants in Australia

Australian visa applicants may require health examinations as part of the application process depending on a number of factors including: the type of visa the duration of stay the proposed activities in Australia the country of application special circumstances and whether there are any significant medical questions. Further information about medical examinations is listed in an earlier blog here. Streamlined…
Mihan Hannan
18 October, 2022

What can you expect in your Australian visa health examinations?

As part of your Australian visa application, you may be requested to undertake health examinations to ensure visa applicants meet minimum health standards in order to:  protect the local community from public health threats;  estimate the cost the applicant will bear to the healthcare system; and assess the impact it may have on services in short supply.  The type of…
Lucie Coleman
4 August, 2022