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Partner visa applications prepared by experienced Australian lawyers from $4,400 (plus government lodgement fees).

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What are the visa types?

Australia’s Partner visas consist of a series of onshore and offshore visas which can lead to temporary and permanent residence:

  • Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300) (offshore) visa;
  • Partner (Subclass 820/801) (onshore) visa;
  • Partner (Subclass 309/100)(offshore) visa.

What are the standard eligibility requirements?

Generally speaking, to obtain a valid Partner visa will require that:

  • the Applicant is the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen (Sponsor);
  • the Applicant and the Sponsor are both over the age of 18;
  • the Sponsor is not affected by a Sponsorship limitation;
  • the Sponsor and Applicant are in a genuine relationship;
  • the Applicant passes relevant health and character criteria;
  • When demonstrating a de facto relationship, usually an Applicant and Sponsor will need to demonstrate that they have been in their genuine relationship for at least 12 months (though exceptions may apply).

Speak to us directly for more detailed information.

What are the documents required?

The standard document checklist for a Partner visa is as follows:

  • passport copy for each Applicant;
  • two recent passport photographs for each Applicant;
  • birth certificates for all children included in the application;
  • if married, a marriage certificate;
  • if in a de facto relationship, evidence that you have been in a relationship (social, financial, cohabitation);
  • if the Sponsor or Applicant has previously been married, evidence of the divorce;
  • police clearances from any country that the Applicant has lived in for more than 12 months since turning 16 years old; and
  • if served in military, discharge papers.

The key component of the application is proving that the relationship is genuine and continuing. Please refer to our more detailed document checklists for the sponsor (here) and visa applicant (here). Speak to our team to determine which documents are key in your circumstances.

What are the lodgement fees?

The current lodgement fees for the visa application are as follows:

  • Base application charge: $7,160;
  • Additional applicant (18 and over): $3,585; and
  • Additional applicant (under 18): $1,795

Please note that credit card surcharges may also apply. As lodgement fees fluctuate, please contact us directly to determine your specific lodgement fees.

What are the conditions once granted?

The Partner visas are usually granted with the following conditions:

  • first entry must be made by a particular date (for offshore visas);
  • the holder must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship prior to entering Australia (for prospective marriage); and
  • the holder must enter into the marriage within the visa grant (for prospective marriage).

In addition, it should be noted that a break down in a relationship whilst holding a temporary Partner visa would usually cause the partner visas to be cancelled. Speak to our team as soon as possible if this situation applies to you.


Australia’s Partner visas are temporary and permanent visas which allow spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to obtain visas in Australia. Partner visas also allow the holder to access medicare and work in Australia. In some cases, simply lodging a Partner visa can provide the same effects.

How can we help?

With extensive experience leading the Australian Private Client Practice of the world’s largest immigration law firms, our staff are well placed to assist with all issues relating to Partner visas, including: sponsorship limitations, de facto relationships, relationship breakdowns and merits review regarding genuine relationships.

We use an online portal, efficient document management systems and provide simple instructions to create a seamless application process.


Initial Consultation

Speak with an expert to receive a formal and complete eligibility assessment. Be sure you are aware of your prospects, risks and other options before you sign up.

Document Collection

Provide us with the documents listed on a simple complete checklist either by email or through our online portal.

Review Draft

Review the carefully drafted application and sign off to allow us to lodge the application on your behalf.

Lodge and Relax

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Hannan Tew. We'll keep you posted with updates to your application and let you know when a decision is received.

< 12 Months

With efficient document collection and and application preparation, it’s not unusual for us to obtain visa approval in less than 12 months.

< 17 Months

An overwhelming majority of applications are approved within 17 months, during this time Hannan Tew will keep you up to date with application progress.

< 21 months

Almost all applications are approved within 21 months, unless there are health or character concerns.

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