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Obtaining Australian citizenship leads to a number of unique benefits and obligations.

Read our general information and document checklists in relation to Australian citizenship below. Contact us directly for specific advice.

Once you have obtained Australian citizenship, you are entitled to enter / exit Australia without the use of a visa. Australian citizenship is an important decision and can grant you access to certain privileges (e.g. consular support, access to government jobs) and also obligations (voting, tax). For those who do not seek Australian citizenship, maintaining permanent residence is possible through various Resident Return Visas.

What can we do for you?

With extensive experience leading the Australian Private Client Practice of the world’s largest immigration law firm, our staff have assisted with significant numbers of citizenship applications including: standard applications, passing ministerial discretion requirements, dealing with character issues, and matters before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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What are the pathways to citizenship?

Australian citizenship can be obtained by application, or automatically.

Citizenship can be granted automatically to:

  1. children born to Australian citizen or permanent resident parents;
  2. children adoption by Australian citizens;
  3. children abandoned children in Australia; or
  4. individuals on territory incorporated into Australia.

Citizenship by application can occur:

  1. by descent;
  2. by adoption in accordance with the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption or a bilateral arrangement;
  3. by conferral (i.e. passing the general residence requirement); or
  4. by resumption.

Our team have extensive experience in assistant applicants across the entire range of citizenship pathways.

What are the documents required?

The complete document checklist varies from application to application but a standard citizenship application will require the following documents:

  • Identity documents that collectively show:
    • your photograph and signature
    • your current residential address
    • evidence of your date of birth, birth name and any changes of name
    • evidence of your identity in the community.
  • passport bio data page for each applicant;
  • two recent passport photographs for each Applicant;
  • birth certificates for all children included in the application;
  • if married, a marriage certificate;
  • if in a de facto relationship, evidence that you have been in a relationship (social, financial, cohabitation);
  • evidence of English (a relevant test or a relevant passport);
  • original police clearance certificates from overseas countries if, since the grant of your permanent Australian visa:
    • you lived or travelled overseas since the age of 18 years or over, and
    • the total time spent overseas added up to 12 months or more, and
    • the time spent in any one country was more than 90 days, or
    • you are requested to do so by the department.
  • You may also need to provide the following additional documents:
    • Evidence for exemptions, discretions and concessions
    • Evidence of the special residence requirement
    • Evidence of residence – New Zealand and British migrants
    • Documents related to children included in the application

You can read our full document checklist here.

What are the lodgement fees?

Our professional fees for advice and assistance with the lodgement of an application is detailed here.

To see the Department’s most recent visa application charges, please refer to the following link.

What are the conditions once granted?

Australian citizenship is not granted with any conditions (unlike standard visa grants).

However, you should note that there are provision to cancel citizenship and permanent residence visas (for example if you provided false or misleading information or under anti-terror laws). In such instances, contact us as soon as possible to determine what steps can be undertaken to mitigate your risks.

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