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February 22, 2019

OPINION: Why start-ups appear unlikely to use the GTS – we ponder on the GTS pilot three quarters of the way in

On 1 July 2018, the ‘Global Talent Scheme’ (GTS) pilot was rolled out for an expected 12 months, comprising of two streams: Established businesses stream for businesses that are either publicly listed or with an annual turnover of at least $4 million in each of the past 2 years; and Start-up stream for certain start-ups operating in a technology or…
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December 11, 2018

ENS Eligibility Summary and the Transitional Arrangements

Broadly speaking, the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) allows skilled workers in Australia to apply for permanent residence under one of three streams. These are the: Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream; Direct Entry (DE) stream; or Labour Agreement stream. Below is a summary of the TRT and DE stream requirements and the impact of the transitional arrangements. The Labour Agreement requires…
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August 8, 2018

Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy and it’s impact on employer sponsored visas

On 22 May 2018, the Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Bill 2018, and the Migration (Skilling Australians Fund) Charges Bill 2017 received royal assent. On 6 August 2018 legislation was released confirming that the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy will be effective from 12 August 2018. SAF levy Employer sponsored nomination applications lodged on or after 12 August 2018 must…
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July 9, 2018

Welcoming the “Global Talent Scheme” and our analysis at first glance

In March 2018, the government announced that they would pilot the ‘Global Talent Scheme’ (GTS) which would comprise of two streams under the Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) (TSS) visa. Hannan Tew gave our analysis on this initial announcement here. On 1 July 2018 the GTS pilot was rolled out and further clarification has been provided (noting though that it…
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June 22, 2018

Traffic Light Bulletin: 2018 Mid-Year Update to Occupation Lists

The Department of Jobs and Small Business is responsible for reviewing the composition of the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL) to identify occupations that would benefit from skilled migration for the purpose of meeting the skill needs of the Australian economy. Theses lists then impact the…
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May 15, 2018

Immigration Update: Skilling Australians Fund and Labour Market Testing

On 9 May 2018 Bill’s establishing the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) and tightening existing labour market test (LMT) criteria were passed in Parliament. Although a commencement date for the new legislation has not yet been determined, the changes are expected to come into effect in June 2018. Skilling Australian Fund Levy Legislation The Bill to establish the SAF Levy passed…
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March 20, 2018

Comparison of the significant changes to the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

After much deliberation, the Australian Department of Home Affairs (the Department) has introduced a host of legislative instruments which establish in law the changes to the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) program. These changes have been discussed by the Department for almost 12 months (see our summary here) and largely reflect the initial proposals. A breakdown of the implementation of these…
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March 20, 2018

Our take on the new visa scheme to attract skilled global talent (Global Talent Scheme)

The 457 visa was replaced over the weekend by the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa - the culmination of nearly a year of gradual changes being implemented and uncertainty for many businesses and individuals. Since the government’s announcement of the reforms to the 457 visa programme, the changes have largely been criticised by many prominent figures in the tech…
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February 20, 2018

February 2018 updates regarding the employer sponsored permanent residency (ENS)

On 19 April 2017, the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) announced reforms of the 457-visa programme, which included flow on affects to employed-sponsored visa applications for permanent residency. These changes were slowly implemented in stages, including on the date of announcement from 19 April 2017, on 1 July 2017 (our summary of which you can find here), and further…
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January 19, 2018

Transitional Arrangements for 457 Visa Holders and Revised Occupation Lists

The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) have revised the occupation lists for the Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 (457) visa, and provided guidance about transitional arrangements and some expected changes to the upcoming 457 visa in March 2018. January 2018 Occupation list updates Following the Department of Jobs and Small Business’ review of the relevant occupation lists, the Department…